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Homework Help

Homework Alabama/Tutor.com - free homework help and academic tutoring


tweentribune.com -daily news site for kids, tweens, and teens


funbrain.com  -educational games for kids of all ages

​poptropica.com   -create a character and to undertake age-appropriate quests on over a dozen "islands" based on themes from history, nature, and human culture.

turtlediary.com -fun educational games for kids K4-5 grade


Homework Help​​

Homework Alabama/Tutor.com -free homework help and academic tutoring

Study Resources

driving-tests.org/alabama/ -free Alabama DMV permit practice test and more

britannica.com -world encyclopedia

howstuffworks.com - clear explanations with illustrations

sciencenewsforstudents.org -news from all fields of science for readers of any age

archives.gov -National History Archives

easybib.com -writing and citation resource

College Readiness

studentaid.gov -FAFSA. Apply for federal student aid for college or career school

bestcolleges.com -articles designed to help you get the most out of your college education. Tips for paying for your college education.